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Purbeck Running Festival
TPOW is very proud of the fact that our profits are used for good causes.

Over the last 5 years, we have raised over £28,000 for charities and good causes. Many of them in Purbeck but also for charities far and wide across the UK.

Unlike other events, TPOW is organised and run solely by volunteers and our profits from entry fees go to charity and that makes us different. We understand what raising money for charity is really about!

As a charity partner, there are two ways in which you can raise funds for your charity:-

  1. Get your volunteers to help us and we’ll contribute a min £30 for each volunteer to your charity.
  2. Become a charity partner for one of our festivals

You can combine both of these and make it a great day for your charity runners and volunteers alike.

Charities can apply online to be a charity partner here.

Charities can get your volunteers to help us here.

For more information check out our other charity pages or contact us at