ViewRanger App Instructions

Setting up ViewRanger


Unless you have used this, or similar apps before, and are able to work with GPX files, please ensure you follow the instructions below using your mobile device, NOT a PC.

(The screenshots shown may differ slightly to yours, depending on the device used)

1.  Download the ViewRanger app – It’s FREE, but you do have to register   Download ViewRanger

2.  Register as a new user   Register

3.  Select the route of the event you wish to enter below;


Nordic Walking Marathon Nordic Walking 16Purbeck Marathon Purbeck 16Half Bimble  Full Bimble Double Bimble

Please note: You need to download a route AND a map to be able to use ViewRanger to safely navigate.


ViewRanger – Following a route

When you arrive for your event, just follow the instructions below and you’ll be able to navigate around your selected route.

ViewRanger will display your selected route and show you where you are on it. You will also be shown which direction you’re heading in, audible warnings if you go too far off course, and a host of other useful information.

We highly recommend that you practice using this app a few times BEFORE your event so you know what you’re doing.

Recommended ViewRanger Settings

To provide the best navigation experience, the settings below are recommended;

We also suggest that you turn off mobile data, stop all other apps and if you are going to be doing a long route, you may wish to take a spare power pack with you.

Follow someone with Buddy Beacon

This is a great feature of ViewRanger. It allows you to track your friends, so you can see where they are on the course, and it allows your friends and family to know where you are and how well you’re doing.

Just follow the steps below to set up your own Buddy Beacon PIN and to add your friends to your own Buddy list.